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As golf courses open up during the coronavirus pandemic, each has taken steps to keep players safe - social-distancing guidelines, raised cups or easy-lift ball retrievers to prevent touching the flagstick and no community bunker rakes

Why not keep safe and invest in your own portable bunker rake? It fits easily into or onto a golf bag ( e.g. using bungee strap ).  No need to attach a rake head to your golf club each time you are in a bunker and then have to clean the sand from the grip - just simply take it from your bag and leave some neat sand for the next unfortunate golfer!

Approx. dimensions :   L  110cm      W  22cm     D  Standard 14cm/Deluxe 10cm

Approx. weight : 380g

Shaft is made from 25mm heavy duty PVC round conduit with black end cap.

All rakes will be sanitised before delivery.

Once you buy one these rakes, you won't ever end up in another bunker!

Two models -  standard and deluxe.

All monies from the sale of these rakes will be divided between Church Funds and the MND Trek Fundraiser being undertaken by David Sweeney in 2021.

Standard Model

mini rake triple 1.jpg
mini rake plug in 2.jpg


Deluxe Model

mini rake triple 2.jpg
mini rake plug in 2.jpg
mini rake triple 3.jpg
mini rake triple 4.jpg



If you would like to order a bunker rake, please contact :

                  Ronnie Anderson     


                                                         (01505) 323605

URL for this page :

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