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Cameo Club Leader’s Remit



Arrange the programme including outside speakers/entertainers from September to April. There are some speakers/entertainers who come every year.


Arrange a transport rota to pick up members. (There is a rota in place at the moment). This would need to be confirmed with drivers for the next session.


Organise Bring and Buy sales with the other helpers and the club members. This helps to keep funds healthy


At the moment, sanitise tables and chairs prior to the meeting. Keep a contact, trace and fire registers with address and telephone numbers of all club members and helpers,


Serve afternoon tea with the other helpers.

Arrange for donations of cake for afternoon tea. (The Guild usually helps). This year the helpers have been supplying cakes for afternoon tea.


If appropriate, arrange a Christmas Lunch for members.


Liaise with the Guild to allow meetings to be on alternate weeks from the Guild.


Liaise with Carol Rankin regarding hall bookings.


CAMEO  (Come and Meet Everyone)

The Cameo Club restarts on 8th January 2020 at 2 p.m. in the West Halls following the Christmas break.


We are looking forward to meeting again and invite anyone who wishes to join us to come along and meet our friendly group. We meet every second Wednesday and have a full programme arranged until April 2020.


We have a full programme (see below) set out for the Club’s year including travel presentations, Halloween and Christmas parties and Musical afternoons.

We welcome anyone to join us for the full year or for any Wednesday that you are free.


Come along and join us for tea, coffee and home baking.


Do you enjoy playing Sudoku? click here to play.     Sudoku


Do you enjoy playing WordSearch? click here to play.  Wordsearch

Miss Isobel Sharp (01505) 613355 – Group Leader

Barbara Morrison (01505) 613909 - Secretary

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