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Christian Aid Appeal

Dear All

I know that all of you who can already collect for Christian Aid. However, despite my best efforts, we are 3 collectors short at this point for 2017. We need 108 collectors - actually some folk do two areas so we have a few less but there are still one or two districts with over 40 houses (I like to keep the areas below 30 if possible). So you can see we should really have even more than 108!


If you could suggest anyone - church folk or not - who might be willing to collect, I will approach them and they need not even know how I got hold of the names! Many of those suggested to me in the past have been unwilling and that is fine - if you don't ask you don't get.  I'm running out of friends, neighbours, ex work colleagues and acquaintances and passers-by to ask. Your help would be very useful!


Thanks in breathless anticipation!


Caroline Morrison

It’s that time of year again – Christian Aid Week is from 13th – 19th May – and we need volunteers to collect around the village. If you would be willing to collect, please phone me (Caroline Morrison) on (01505) 690636 or e-mail:

Most collectors only have 20-30 houses to cover, but each year we need new collectors – some folk who have done it before are ill, on holiday, have moved away, have other commitments this year or feel they have done it for long enough and want to “retire”. There are over 2600 houses in the parish, so we need lots of helpers!

If you feel you could help, please get in touch.

Houston collects over £5000 each year so it is a substantial donation to a charity which helps those of all faiths or none. It campaigns against poverty and the causes of poverty as well as helping in times of natural disaster, war or other emergency.

Christian Aid Week was set up 60 years ago to support work with refugees in Europe following the Second World War.

Let's act again now to help relieve suffering and build a world where everyone has a safe place to call home.

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