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Committee: Strategy Group


Members: Convener (deputy Session Clerk); Minister; team members; 3 Conveners (Resources, Nurture and Mission); co-opted members



  • Plan and deliver a conference (vision day) in early 2019 to engage the congregation and determine our future priorities as a Church

  • With the findings of the conference consultation, develop a congregational strategy working toward 2025

  • Ensure that the Session Committees and teams are prioritising and delivering in line with the strategy regularly evaluating and reviewing the committees and teams to ensure that all teams are properly resourced

  • Identify ways to ‘market’ the congregation and activities to engage the community both church members and the wider parish

  • Identify and develop use of the carnival as a vehicle for the congregation to engage with the community and identify ways to use Carnival funds to benefit the Church and it’s links with the Community and maximize mission opportunities

  • Organise a congregational conference every 3 years and update the congregational strategy where required

  • Develop and implement a strategy for the rolling 3 year Stewardship cycle (Time, Talents and Money)

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