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The Church Windows

The stained glass in the kirk is one of its outstanding features.

Beginning at the west end, the three beautiful windows above the effigies were the gift of John and Mary Gardner who lived at Woodend, being intended as a memorial to those who had given their lives in the Great War (their names are engraved on the marble stone in the wall to the right of the pulpit). They are the work of Douglas Strachan (Edinburgh), famous artist in this medium, their subject being our twin saints Fillan and Peter. 

West End Windows

Moving in a clock-wise direction, the four windows in the north wall and also the very lovely east window behind the pulpit are part of the original building of 1875.

North End Windows

East End Window

Turning to the south wall we come to the St John window, given in 1880 by the Laird in memory of his great-uncle, General Charles Hagart, CB (1815-79). Next is the St Peter window installed by the congregation in 1975 in Mr Mortimer's time to mark the centenary of the present building. Next is the window dedicated to St Andrew, the gift of Mrs Speirs in memory of her husband Archibald Alexander Speirs (1869-1958) - the Laird of the day. Which brings us to the Sancta Barbara window in the corner. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of those who build churches (hence the little model cradled in her arm) and that was installed by the Laird on the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Church, to commemorate his grandmother, Mrs Ellice, who had been responsible for its building.

South End Windows

So we have come round full circle. If, at this point, we raise our eyes we can catch a glimpse of a most attractive rose window, part of the original design.

Rose Window

orielwindow doorsopen 1.jpg
doors open 090820 VER3.jpg


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