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The car park at the Surgery is busy on most days but considerable parking difficulties for those using the facilities have recently arisen at the times of weddings and funerals at the Kirk.


As a result we respectfully ask you, if attending a funeral or wedding at the Kirk, to consider parking on Kirk Road if at all possible.


 Disabled Parking 

Drivers - please remember that the spaces directly in front of the Kirk and on Kirk Road between the doctors' surgery and the entrance to the estate is reserved (on Sunday mornings) for the Kirk's car run and for the elderly/those with disability.  

Thank you.

Houston & Killellan Kirk & Killellan Halls

Kirk Road

Houston PA6 7AS




GPS COORDINATES         Latitude: 55.870508      Longitude: -4.542632

                                   N  55deg  52.230min        W  4deg   32.558min


West Halls

Main Street

Houston PA6 7EL

(next to Carrick Centre and Village Hall)  

GPS COORDINATES      Latitude: 55.86809        Longitude: -4.550295

                                 N  55deg  52.085min        W  4deg   33.018min

Houston Cemetery

Houston Road

Houston PA6 7EJ

(close to Houston Primary School)  

GPS COORDINATES      Latitude: 55.864755        Longitude: -4.544780

                                 N  55deg  51.8853min        W  4deg   32.6868min

Woodside Crematorium

46 Broomlands St

Paisley PA1 2NP 

GPS COORDINATES          Latitude: 55.842667        Longitude: -4.4429527

                                 N  55deg  50.56002min      W  4deg   26.577162min

Clydebank Crematorium

Mountblow Rd,

Clydebank G81 4SL

GPS COORDINATES          Latitude: 55.924426,        Longitude: -4.4342764

                                 N  55deg  55.46556min      W  4deg   26.056584min

Clyde Coast & Garnock Valley Crematorium

Largs Road
North Ayrshire KA24 5LE

GPS COORDINATES          Latitude: 55.777743,        Longitude: -4.804753

                                 N  55deg  46.66458min      W  4deg   48.28518min

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