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Dear Friends,

Although the Church services may be cancelled, Church doesn't stop, and we are looking to assist in the local community where we can.

It's been amazing to see the community rally too, and we hope we can all work together in these extraordinary times! Thank you to everyone who has been in touch to offer their assistance volunteering to help others!

We are hoping to assist in the following ways:

Services will be available on podcast each Sunday, with a reflection and hymns. Podcast is on our website or at this link or app:

Foodbank - we will have creates outside the West Halls (Main Street) on a Tuesday between 10am-12 noon and 7-8pm so people can drop off to support the local foodbank!

We will be maintaining contact with members who are isolated or lonely by telephone, to give them some company; also offering to collect food, prescriptions or help with online shopping. If you know of anyone in the community who is in need of this, please contact us by sending a private message to this page with the persons contact details.

We will also be posting regular updates on the website!

A friend sent me a poem this morning which ended with these poignant words:

When the work's done right,
with no fuss or boasting
ordinary people can say
we did it!

Let's come together and be one united community who can say...we did it!!

With my prayers and blessings


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