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Hall Users' Protocol


All hall users are requested to take note of the following points relating to the use of the halls


Maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum with ‘in house’ repairs if ‘wear and tear’ is kept at a reasonable and acceptable level. This can be achieved with proper supervision and the reporting and recording of any repairs/damage in the faults book in the kitchen.

NO football or other ball games are permitted in the SMALL hall


Leaders/ Officers/ Helpers MUST ensure the following procedures are completed before leaving


All equipment must be properly stored at the end of each session.

Small hall tables should be cleaned and stored on the trolley with safety strap secured.

Big hall tables should be cleaned and returned to the equipment store.

(Tables MUST be covered before any craftwork and properly cleaned afterwards. Plastic covers are supplied in the hall. Tables must not be used for purposes other than intended).

Chairs must be stacked and those in the Small hall NOT left in front of radiators.

Floors must be swept, rubbish collected at emptied in outside bin at end of the session. (This will help to minimise cleaning costs)

Crockery must be washed and replaced in the kitchen.(Washing liquid and tea towels are provided)

If urns are used they must be switched off. (Please ensure that enough water remains in urn to cover the heating element)

Log off photocopier.(Only those trained by the church secretary are allowed to use this facility. The pass number MUST NOT be given out to anyone other than those cleared to use the photocopier)

Any use of the First Aid Box must be entered in the Accident Book along with full details of the injured party and cause of the accident.

There must be no interference with any of the Fire Fighting Equipment located within the halls. Any damage/ defects/ use Must Be Reported and entered in the faults book.

Fire Safety is of primary concern where children, youth organisations and elderly people use the halls. Group Leaders are required to appoint a Fire Marshall. This individual must be fully aware of the fire regulations, the fire assembly point and must ensure they are aware of the number of people present within the premises. All leaders/ officers/ helpers must be aware of the fire assembly point, the location of the fire fighting equipment and emergency doors and fire alarm activating ‘break glass’ panels.

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