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Revd. Gary Noonan, Moderator

James McBeath, Session Clerk
Helen Dunn, Deputy Session Clerk

Jack McKechnie, Convenor of Resources Team (2 years)
James McLaughlin, Convenor of Mission Team (4 years)
Sandra Griffiths, Convenor of Nurture Team (3 years)
Janice Watt, Convenor of Strategy Team (3 years)

Matthew Alexander (4 years)
Kay Crawford (3 years)
Susan Findlay (4 years)
Gillian McFarlane (4 years)
Bob Ross (2 years)

Tenure is indicated in brackets.  Members may serve for subsequent terms at the same or different lengths.


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 Committee: Resources – convener Jack McKechnie 


Members: Resources Convener; leaders of Finance & Property teams; minister (ex officio).


Sub-group: Property – Team leader Derek Whittle


Members: Resources Convener; property team leader; Ian Gray, Alan Dawson; Bill Haddow; H&S officer (when required)

co-opted – Jack McNeil; James McDonald; John Wilson


Grounds team: Adam McCartney, Gordon Galloway, Sandy McIntosh; Alex Scott; George Ballantyne


Sub Group: Finance – Resources Convener (Pro tem)


Members: Resource Convener; finance team leader; treasurer (Kay Farley); Susan Findlay (Gift Aid); Irwin Jefferson (WFO); Elaine Rowan; Eric Richardson; Roy Anderson; John King; minister (ex officio);

Co-opt: David Shaw; Aileen Shaw; Peter Farley

 Committee: Mission – convener Jim McLaughlin 

Membership: Mission Convener; outreach team leader; overseas team leader; minister (ex officio).



Sub group: Local Outreach (Church and Society) – team leader – Bob Ross


Membership: Mission Convener; outreach team leader; Bill Manley; Barbara-Ann Brown; Wendy Workman; George Ballantyne; minister (ex officio)


Sub-group: Overseas (World Mission) – Caroline Morrison


Membership: Mission Convener; overseas team leader; Ken Campbell; Isobel Grant; Irene McLaughlin;

Co-opted: Isobel Haddow – Fairtrade



Sub-group: Communication – Vacant


Membership: Communication team leader; Derek Whittle; Ronnie Anderson; Kay Crawford; Kate Jackson; Marilyn Stewart

co-opted: Ian Scott; Phil Davies; Carolyn Hunter; Isabelle Stewart


Sub-group: Pastoral – Team leader – Kay Crawford


Membership: Pastoral Care team leader; Liz Bowie; May Griffin; Helen Lister; Isobel Grant; Jim Collins; Minister


Given the confidential nature of the work of this team, they report directly to the Minister and will not produce a report on their pastoral work to Kirk session.

 Committee: Nurture – convener Sandra Griffiths 

Membership: Nurture Convener; children & families team leader; education team leader; worship team leader; minister (ex officio).


Sub-group: Children and families – team leader – Gillian Peters


Membership: Nurture Convener; C&F team leader; Jane Alexander; Catriona Connelly; minister (ex officio);

Co-opted: Matthew Alexander; Lesley Jackson; Gillian McFarlane



Sub-group: Education – Team Leader Kirsty Johnson


Membership: Nurture Convener; education team leader; minister; others co-opted as required



Sub-group: Worship – Team Leader Janice Anderson


Membership: Worship team leader; John Young, Catriona Connelly; Moira Dunlop; Belle McNeil; minister; others co-opted as required

 Committee: Strategy – convener Janice Watt 

Membership: Minister; Convener; Conveners of Resources, Mission & Nurture, Helen Dunn and Adam McCartney.

Co-opted members - Kathy McFall, Peter Farley.

Other Responsibilities


  • Church roll/Elders' Districts – Irwin Jefferson

  • Presbytery elder – Roy Anderson

  • Rotas – Graeme Jackson

  • Communion duties – Session Clerk

  • Flower ministry – Sheila Moore

  • GDPR compliance – Deputy Session Clerk

  • Projects – Ian Jackson; Iain Cameron; Alistair McGregor

  • Health & Safety Administrator – John Malcolm




Social Team leaders – Kate Jackson/Ina Jefferson


Membership: Social team leaders; Jean Mills; Diane Gray;

co-opted: Lorna Kinloch; Heather Hughes; Dorothy Shaw



Safeguarding Panel:

Sandra Griffiths; Helen Dunn; Kirsty Johnson; Gillian Peters




MISSION website.jpg
NURTURE website.jpg
STRATEGY website.jpg

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