Committee: Management Group


Minister; Session Clerk; Deputy Session Clerk



Committee: Coordinating Group


Minister; Session Clerk; Deputy Session Clerk; 4 Conveners & minute secretary



Committee: Strategy Group – Convener Helen Dunn


Convener; Minister; 3 Conveners (Resources, Nurture and Mission); Adam McCartney; Janice Watt     Co-opted: Kathy McFall; Peter Farley


 Committee: Resources – convener Jack McKechnie 


Members: Resources Convener; leaders of Finance & Property teams; minister (ex officio).


Sub-group: Property – Team leader Derek Whittle


Members: Resources Convener; property team leader; Ian Gray, Alan Dawson; Bill Haddow; H&S officer (when required)

Co-opt – Jack McNeil; James McDonald; John Wilson


Grounds team: Adam McCartney, Gordon Galloway, Sandy McIntosh; Alex Scott; George Ballantyne


Sub Group: Finance – Resources Convener (Pro tem)


Members: Resource Convener; finance team leader; treasurer (Kay Farley); Susan Findlay (Gift Aid); Irwin Jefferson (WFO); Elaine Rowan; Eric Richardson; Roy Anderson; John King; minister (ex officio);

Co-opt: David Shaw; Aileen Shaw; Peter Farley

 Committee: Mission – convener Jim McLaughlin 

Membership: Mission Convener; outreach team leader; overseas team leader; minister (ex officio).



Sub group: Local Outreach (Church and Society) – team leader – Bob Ross


Membership: Mission Convener; outreach team leader; Bill Manley; Barbara-Ann Brown; Wendy Workman; George Ballantyne; minister (ex officio)


Sub-group: Overseas (World Mission) – Caroline Morrison


Membership: Mission Convener; overseas team leader; Ken Campbell; Isobel Grant; Irene McLaughlin;

Co-opted: Isobel Haddow – Fairtrade



Sub-group: Communication – Vacant


Membership: Communication team leader; Derek Whittle; Ronnie Anderson; Kay Crawford; Kate Jackson; Marilyn Stewart

co-opted: Ian Scott; Phil Davies; Carolyn Hunter; Isabelle Stewart


Sub-group: Pastoral – Team leader – Liz Bowie


Membership: Pastoral Care team leader; Kay Crawford; May Griffin; Helen Lister; George Colquhoun; Jim Collins; Marion Simpson; minister


Given the confidential nature of the work of this team, they report directly to the Minister and will not produce a report on their pastoral work to Kirk session.

 Committee: Nurture – convener Sandra Griffiths 

Membership: Nurture Convener; children & families team leader; education team leader; worship team leader; minister (ex officio).


Sub-group: Children and families – team leader – Gillian Peters


Membership: Nurture Convener; C&F team leader; Fiona Taylor; Catriona Connelly; minister (ex officio);

Co-opted: Matthew Alexander; Lesley Jackson; Gillian McFarlane



Sub-group: Education – Team Leader Kirsty Johnson


Membership: Nurture Convener; education team leader; minister; others co-opted as required



Sub-group: Worship – Team Leader Janice Anderson


Membership: Worship team leader; John Young, Catriona Connelly; Moira Dunlop; Belle McNeil; minister; others co-opted as required

 Committee: Administration – convener Ina Jefferson 

Membership: Admin convener; members; minister (ex officio).


Purpose: To oversee the administrative work of Kirk Session and report to Kirk Session


Items included:

  • Church roll/Elders' Districts – Irwin Jefferson

  • Presbytery elder – Roy Anderson

  • Organisation elders

  • Rotas – Graeme Jackson

  • Communion duties – Session Clerk

  • Flower ministry – Sheila Moore

  • Local Area Committee Representation – Bob Finnie

  • GDPR compliance – Session Clerk

  • Projects – Alan Gilfillan; Ian Jackson; Iain Cameron; Alistair McGregor

  • Health & Safety – David Fulton




Sub-group: Social Team leader– Kate Jackson/Ina Jefferson


Membership: Social team leaders; Jean Mills; Diane Gray;

co-opted: Lorna Kinloch; Heather Hughes; Dorothy Shaw



Safeguarding Panel:

Sandra Griffiths; Helen Dunn; Kirsty Johnson; Gillian Peters




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