12.1.21  Online Activities 

To view a video detailing our online activities in 2021 from our Families and Community Development Worker, Frankie Greenwood, click on the logo in the "Community Support" section on the HOMEPAGE.

 11.1.21  Worship - Sunday 17 January 2021  

This Sunday's worship is led by our Ministry Candidate, Dr. Thorsten Koenig.

 11.1.21  Church Magazine 

Copy date is Friday 22 January for publication on Sunday 7 February

 6.1.21  Renfrewshire Foodbank Collection (West Halls) - Revised Notice 


Due to the new lockdown restrictions, the Renfrewshire Foodbank donation point in Renfrew has temporarily closed with immediate effect. They have sufficient stock to tide them over for the next few weeks and they do not wish to expose staff, volunteers, donators, or recipients more than necessary. They will however continue to provide provisions to those in need across Renfrewshire but with essential staffing numbers only. Renfrewshire Foodbank will review the situation at the end of January to consider a potential re-opening date.

As a result of this, the Tuesday donation point at the West Halls, Main Street, Houston will also temporarily close for the next few weeks in line with the Renfrewshire Foodbank position.

If anyone wishes to make a cash donation in the meantime, they can pay directly into the Renfrewshire Foodbank account, specifying what the money should be spent on, for example, food, toiletries, pet food or just the general fund. You can access details of how to donate by clicking on the Renfrewshire Foodbank button in the Charities box on the HOMEPAGE.

 5.1.21  Lockdown Assistance 

Just a reminder that we still have a team of volunteers available if anyone in Houston needs help with essential shopping or would like a friendly chat during this latest lockdown. 


Look out, as well, for our online events that will start up again week commencing 11th January 2021!


Please get in touch with Frankie on 07817 210777 or

email: familyandcommunity.houstonkirk@gmail.com



 4.1.21  Midweek Worship 

Following the Government announcement today there will be NO Wednesday worship services held until further notice. Services will still be available online each week.


The Church is not closed. You’re not in this alone - if you need anything or are struggling, please get in touch.

 28.12.20  Pastoral Cover  

Gary will be on holiday from Monday 4 January - Monday 18 January.  If you need the services of a minister, please contact our Session Clerk, James McBeath, in the first instance by telephoning (01505)613763. Urgent pastoral cover will be provided by Rev. Eileen Ross of Linwood Parish Church during this period.

 28.12.20  Foodbank 2021  

The Foodbank collection starts back on Tuesday 5 January.


We continue to receive donations every Tuesday 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 7 – 8 pm at the West Halls.

The collection will be at the West Halls, Main Street (hall entrance on Main Street). There will be a crate at the doors to leave items, so no social contact.

 17.12.20  Christmas Stamps 

Keep all your Christmas stamps please! We can donate these to St Vincent’s Hospice. We’ll arrange for these to be collected with Foodbank donations in the New Year.

 11.11.20  Men's Mental Health Awareness 

Our "Like Minds" peer support group is now well established and meets every two weeks on ZOOM just now. All are welcome, regardless of gender. We are noticing however, that there may be a need for a specific group just for men who might want the chance to meet up with other men to share any concerns or struggles they might be going through just now.

We are hoping that 2021 will see an opportunity for people to come together face to face. In the meantime, however, if you feel you would benefit from a men only mental health peer support please let me know. We are keen to offer people the opportunity to chat to others on the phone, go for a walk or set up a ZOOM group.

You can email me at Frankie Greenwood: familyandcommunity.houstonkirk@gmail.com if you are keen to get involved!


 7.11.20  Prayer Group 

Our prayer group continues to meet every other Wednesday morning at 9.30 a.m. on ZOOM. If you have any prayer requests or would like to join us, please email Frankie on familyandcommunity.houstonkirk@gmail.com or phone 07817 210777.

 3.6.20  Standing Order & Gift Aid Forms 

If you are unable to print out the form(s) we would be very happy to deliver the printed forms to your home.


Please contact Kay Farley on 


(01505) 613314   or email: mikeandkayfarley@btinternet.com

These details will remain on the Standing Order and Gift Aid Form pages of the website.

 18.5.20  Offerings 

A few people have been asking how they can continue to give their offering/donate when not in church.


There are a few ways to do this:

(a) set up a standing order

(b) give online

(c) for those who give by WFO envelopes - these can be handed in to the West Halls on a Tuesday 10 -12 noon and 7-8 p.m. during the Foodbank collections. There will be a box available to deposit.

Please click on the date/title box or button on homepage (Weekly Offerings) to access the methods of giving.

While we can’t meet in the church, we are being Church more than ever before and we are grateful to everyone for their support!


 5.5.20  Scripture Readers 

If anyone would be willing to record a short video, reading the scripture for our recorded service on a Sunday, please send a message on this page or email the Minister


You don’t need to be a member, or even live here, and can be any age, you just need to be able to video record two readings and send them in by a Thursday.        

 3.9.20  Church Magazine 

Copy date is Friday 16 October for publication on Sunday 1 November