26.5.20  Sing-a-long 

Come and join us at our online sing-a-long "Come Zoom with Me!" at 3 p.m. Wednesday 27th May on Zoom. The group is fully dementia inclusive and open to all.
For more information contact Frankie: familyandcommunity.houstonkirk@gmail.com
Tel: 07817 210777
We would love to see you there.🎤🎤🎼🎼

 22.5.20  Kirk Session Meeting 

19 30   June 2  via  ZOOM.   Details in email to KS.


 8.5.20  Video Reflection - "Reframing...God is at our side" 

Please click on the date/title box to view. Check that the sound is set to ON in bottom right-hand corner.

 21.5.20  Renfrewshire Foodbank 

We continue to receive donations every Tuesday 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 7 – 8 pm at the West Halls.

The collection will be at the West Halls, Main Street (next to Carrick Centre). There will be a crate at the front doors to leave items, so no social contact.

Please consider giving generously to the Foodbank. Those with the least often struggle most in such times.


Any donations are gratefully appreciated. The items they are desperately short of just now are:

UHT Milk

Tinned Potatoes

Tinned Fish

Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned Creamed Rice

Tins or cartons of Custard

Tinned Fruit, Coffee (small jars)


Soap and all Toiletries.


NO plastic bags needed at the moment

Thank you.


 20.5.20  Church Magazine 

Copy date for June issue is Friday 22 May for publication on Sunday 7 June.

 20.5.20  Mental Health Awareness Week 

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  The theme is kindness.


Please click on the date/title box to access the information on their website.

 18.5.20  Offerings 

A few people have been asking how they can continue to give their offering/donate when not in church.


There are a few ways to do this:

(a) set up a standing order

(b) give online

(c) for those who give by WFO envelopes - these can be handed in to the West Halls on a Tuesday 10 -12 noon and 7-8 p.m. during the Foodbank collections. There will be a box available to deposit.

Please click on the date/title box or button on homepage (Weekly Offerings) to access the methods of giving.

While we can’t meet in the church, we are being Church more than ever before and we are grateful to everyone for their support!


 16.5.20  Houston Yogis & Friends 

Thank you so much to the Houston Yogis and friends who attend online classes with Liz Harris for their very generous donations to Houston and Killellan Kirk. This week we used some of these donations to purchase puzzles and craft activities for Homestart Renfrewshire and Inverclyde who offer vital support to families with young children. Homestart were delighted and very grateful to receive all of the activities and have said that the families they support with love them!

Please click on the date/title box to view photos.

Loving... Caring... Sharing!

 8.5.20  Video Reflection - "Community" 

Please click on the date/title box to view. Check that the sound is set to ON in bottom right-hand corner.


 15.5.20  Pastoral Cover 

Gary will be on holiday 23-31 May. Pastoral cover will be provided by Revd. Dr Alistair Shaw, Johnstone: St Pauls Parish Church (01505) 320060 or contact can be made through the Session Clerk.

 14.5.20  Online Singing Group 

We are delighted to launch our online singing group for people living with dementia and those that support them "COME ZOOM WITH ME!" on Wednesday 20th May at 3 p.m.


Please contact Frankie on 07817 210777, email familyandcommunity.houstonkirk@gmail.com or send a message for more information or if you would like to join.

 13.5.20  Church of Scotland Forthcoming Events 

Saturday 16th May at 11 00 - Installation of incoming Moderator of the Church of Scotland , Rev. Dr. Martin Fair.


Sunday 17th May  14 00 - 16 20 - Heart and Soul event.


Sunday 31st May  10 00 - 10 30 - Pentecost  Service.


All the above events will be shown live on the Church of Scotland website and Facebook.

 9.5.20  Prayers on VE Day 

Revd. Gary Noonan and Father Andrew McFadden stand united as they lead a prayer from the Armed Forces Prayer Book to remember those who sacrificed so much for our freedom. 


Please click on the date/title box to view. Check that the sound is set to ON in bottom right-hand corner.

 9.5.20  VE Day Church Bell 

Our Kirk bell rang for 2 minutes at 3 p.m. yesterday as we paused and said 'To those who gave so much, we thank you!' 


Please click on the date/title box to view. Check that the sound is set to ON in bottom right-hand corner.

 8.5.20  Video Reflection - "Choices" 

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 8.5.20  VE75 

Friday 8 May at 3 p.m. We are all encouraged to pause and join in the nation's toast ‘To those who gave so much, we thank you!’

Our Minister Gary and Father Andrew had planned to have a joint service of celebration in the Kirk and then a garden party but unfortunately those plans have been cancelled!

The Kirk bell will ring at 3 p.m. for 2 minutes as a mark of remembrance!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, stop for a moment at 3 p.m. to reflect and give thanks.

 8.5.20  Prayer Group 

Our prayer team are continuing to meet via Zoom regularly through this period. We are praying for our community, country and world.
If you have any specific prayer requests please don't hesitate to get in touch via email gnoonan@churchofscotland.org.uk or familyandcommunity.houstonkirk@gmail.com


 6.5.20  Renfrewshire Foodbank 

Another superb collection for the foodbank, 95 bags and a box collected, will be delivered to the foodbank in the morning.

Amazing generosity from the whole community once again, thanks folks!


 6.5.20  BB Support for NHS 

Please click on the date/title box to view.


 5.5.20  Scripture Readers 

If anyone would be willing to record a short video, reading the scripture for our recorded service on a Sunday, please send a message on this page or email the Minister


You don’t need to be a member, or even live here, and can be any age, you just need to be able to video record two readings and send them in by a Thursday.

 30.4.20  Video Reflection - "Be Kind" 

Please click on the date/title box to view. Check that the sound is set to ON in bottom right-hand corner.

 29.4.20  Sunday Worship 

We have created a Church YouTube channel where, the Minister's IT skills permitting, we hope to have a video of the service available on Sunday, with some different faces.

Please subscribe to the channel and you'll get notifications.

For those who can't access, or who don't want to see the Minister's face, the podcast will still be available in the usual way!


 29.4.20  Renfrewshire Foodbank 

Phenomenal response to the Foodbank collection again - 75 bags and 4 crates of food for the most vulnerable in our society. It will be delivered first thing today.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported it...the one thing we can be, during this, is kind!



 23.4.20  Can you help? 

If anyone has an old laptop or tablet that they are no longer using and would be willing to donate to help those without, could you please contact Revd. Gary Noonan 01505 612569 ?

 23.4.20  New Photo Album 

Now available to view under   Photo/Video--> Photographs--> Sunday School 1986

22.4.20  Latest Letter from Keith and Ida  

Please click on the date/title box to view. 

 18.4.20  Life & Work - May 2020 

Details of May's Life & Work and how to access. Please click on the date/title box to view.

Direct access to the magazine is via the button at the top of the HOMEPAGE

 1.4.20  Overseas Mission 

Coronavirus is certainly changing all our lives, yet most of us are blessed with running water and soap, space to allow us to socially distance, homes to allow us to self-isolate if required, enough food and health care if we get ill. As well as lots of ways to communicate with friends and family with phones, e-mail, WhatsApp etc.

In war zones the fighting keeps happening and for the millions in refugee camps there is nowhere to hide from the virus and little chance of containing the spread or treating those who become seriously unwell.

Perhaps we can find time to pray for Syrians caught up in the violence (and for the many more across the world in similar circumstances).


 31.3.20  Accounts - Year to 31 December 2019 

Now available to view under   Information --> Finance --> Annual Accounts         

 12.3.20  Church Magazine 

Copy date is ... for publication on Sunday ...


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