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Click on the photo above to access Houston Men's Shed Facebook page



The Men’s Shed adjacent to the West Halls in Main Street, Houston is open 



10 a.m. - 12 noon


The Shed is equipped with work benches with power and hand tools and the Supervisors welcome men and women to meet and perhaps learn new skills or re-acquaint themselves with old ones. Just as importantly, it will be a place to come along for a blether and have a cup of tea or coffee.  Over 18s only.


There will be an annual membership fee of £10 with a £1 per visit (tea fund).


If you wish further information on the Men Shed, please contact us at


or just stroll up for a look.


We look forward to seeing you.



The Houston and Killellan Men's Shed now has a strong membership who are enjoying making new friends, learning a new hobby or passing on existing talents to others. The Houston "Shedders" recently welcomed their counterparts from Inverclyde who were keen to pass on their invaluable advice and experience in running a shed, as well as joining in for a cuppa and biscuits!

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