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Solar lamp update


In October 2018 we were able to send another £2500 to Sunny Money in Zambia to purchase a further 185 solar lamps for school students in Mwandi in Zambia. We did better than last year because the rate of exchange between the Kwacha (Zambian currency) and our own had changed.

We did a lot of fundraising to achieve this and have now started to fundraise for 2019 – the first big event was the Big Remembrance Sing which was supported by community input from our schools and the Community Council. The next event will be the Luxury Continental Breakfast on 26th January and we will be having a car treasure hunt, we hope, in September.

The schools in Mwandi are very grateful for the lamps – there are around 12 hours of darkness each day and so it is difficult to do homework – electricity is extremely expensive, subject to rolling cuts and not many homes are commectd to the grid; kerosene is expensive and gives off deady fumes as well as being a real fire risk; and candles give a very poor light. There is a “dollar a day” economy so money must go a long way and light often gets left out.

So we are very glad to have the opportunity to help the youngsters with their school work. A good education is a real head start in improving their situation, and the lamps also help their parents do small jobs in the evenings.

So thank you to everyone who contributes to the fundraising by attending events or helping to organise them – SHINE ON!


Calculator update


This September (2018) we again sent calculators for the school in Mwandi. We sent 60 and they arrived this month! There was a postal strike in December so that held them up but they will shortly be put to good use

Thanks to everyone who donated to this good cause.

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