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Ida & Keith's Visit

June 2017

MWANDI Parcels

We have a dedicated group of members who send a parcel of baby clothes to our missionary partners (Keith and Ida Waddell in Mwandi) so that a parcel arrives each month. Ida is most grateful for these clothes which help her in her work trying to persuade the young mums who are HIV positive not to breast feed their babies and thus make the new born babies HIV positive. In addition the Kirk also gives money for formula milk for the mums to feed their babies. This would not be possible without the generosity of our members and that generosity is most appreciated.


Recently some of our young mums have donated baby clothes for Mwandi which I have put into parcels and addressed in the hope that some other members might be willing to post a 'one off' parcel (which would cost approx. £10.00). If you feel you could help in this way please contact us.