Committee: Administration


Membership: Admin convener; members; minister (ex officio).


Purpose: To oversee the administrative work of Kirk Session and report to Kirk Session


Items included:

  • Church roll

  • Presbytery elder

  • Organisation elders

  • Rotas

  • Communion duties

  • Elders' Districts

  • Church cleaning

  • Flower ministry

  • Local Area Committee Representation

  • GDPR compliance



Sub-group: Social


Membership: Social team leader; members; others co-opted as required



  • Arrange events to promote and encourage interaction and fellowship amongst the congregation, parish and beyond

  • Prioritise requests from other teams and assist in publicising and catering provision where possible

  • Ensure compliance with hygiene requirements and other relevant legislation.



Appointment of safeguarding /PVG co-ordinator and assistant to carry out the duties as required by the legislation and to follow the guidance of the Safeguarding department of the Church of Scotland to implement the regulations and to ensure the necessary training (and updating training ) of all those involved with our children and vulnerable adults