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Committee: Mission


Membership: Mission Convener; outreach team leader; overseas team leader; minister (ex officio).


Purpose: To oversee the work of the outreach and overseas teams, ensuring the work is being prioritised and report to the coordinators committee and Kirk Session.



Sub group: Local Outreach (Church and Society Council)


Membership: Mission Convener; outreach team leader; members of outreach team; minister (ex officio); others co-opted as required




  • Implementing ways of bringing both new people and ‘dormant’ Church members into active Church life in coordination with other teams where necessary.

  • Visiting new homes in the parish

  • Leaflet drops for special services

  • Identifying and utilizing available resources that will assist in outreach

  • Studying what other Churches are doing in the way of mission and outreach, and learning from these Linking with communications team to ensure the work of HKK is regularly promoted in the wider community

  • Developing a number of ‘bridge’ events within the Church to which all the community can be safely invited

  • Arranging a weekend of welcome – which engages the local community to come to events

  • Identify areas of local concern at home which relate to justice, love and peace and witness this concern in the local community thus involving the Kirk in the life of the Parish


Sub-group: Overseas (World Mission)


Membership: Mission Convener; overseas team leader; members of overseas team; others co-opted as required.



  • Sustaining links with overseas projects and providing the congregation with an outlet for Christian concern in the wider world

  • Work with overseas mission partners, identifying priorities and promoting within the congregation

    • Provide the congregational link to the World Mission Council and identify opportunities to promote and assist with mission issues overseas.  And Identify opportunities to raise funds to support the work of overseas projects, including appeal for urgent assistance

  • Supporting Christian Aid in congregational life; coordinating the collections and promoting other events

  • Encourage Fairtrade and support the growth of Fairtrade use in our Church; provide regular sale of Fairtrade good in the Church


Sub-group: Communication


Membership: Mission Convener; communication team leader; members of communications team; others co-opted as required



  • Develop and implement plans that improve communication across a diverse audience to encompass those who access the Church on a regular basis and also to encourage those who currently do not

  • Establish and continually monitor ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of communication and encourage participation from whole congregation and wider parish, where appropriate

  • Responsible for ensuring well publicisied and wide coverage of events and stories through the local and national press, including liaison with Church of Scotland media department.

  • Ensure the Church is compliant with OSCR and GDPR regulations in all publications

  • Maintain and develop the Church Website

  • Produce and resource the AV systems within the Church

  • Advise on all Church AV equipment and liaise with Finance on any projected spend



Sub-group: Pastoral


Membership: Pastoral Care team leader; pastoral care team; minister


Remits: Reach out to people, supporting them, showing care, compassion and love in the parish,

  • Support the minister in meeting pastoral needs of all members of the parish/congregation by: Visiting the sick, elderly, housebound and Post bereavement ministry

  • Identify training that would benefit members of the team and members of Kirk Session.

  • Liaise with relevant district elder if appropriate


Given the confidential nature of the work of this team, they report directly to the Minister and will not produce a report on their pastoral work to Kirk session.

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