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Committee: Nurture


Membership: Nurture Convener; children & families team leader; education team leader; worship team leader; minister (ex officio).


Purpose: To oversee the work of the nurture teams, to reach out to people, supporting them, showing care and love to them and displaying ways the church can work with them and accompany them on life’s journey.



Sub-group: Children and families


Membership: Nurture Convener; C&F team leader; team members; minister (ex officio); others co-opted as required



  • Oversight of crèche; Sunday club, Starzone or other summer holiday clubs and all forms of ministry to young people and families

  • Implementing the youth/young families strategy for Houston and Killellan Kirk as identified by the Strategy Group

  • Oversight of ministry initiatives to Young families

  • Forming links with youth organisations in Houston

  • Initiate regular events to engage with young families in our community

  • Assist the minister in development of family events and services (e.g Cradle Roll etc.)

  • Developing links with young families/youth in other congregations for common purpose/events

  • Recruiting volunteers for youth ministry

  • Maintain the cradle roll and keep in contact with parents of newly baptized children through the cradle roll


Sub-group: Education


Membership: Nurture Convener; education team leader; team members; minister; others co-opted as required



  • Assist the minister to identify materials to support people in their faith formation and discipleship

  • Assist the minister in planning and providing bible study and other courses for adult members

  • Promote elder training using the resources available from the national Church and other suitable resources identified

  • Seek to identify opportunities to engage with non-members with appropriate messages and resources to encourage them to faith /church attendance



Sub-group: Worship


Membership: Nurture Convener; worship team leader; team members; minister; others co-opted as required



  • Assist the minister in the development of the dynamics of worship

  • Work with the Education team to develop training for worship

  • Develop new and creative aspects of engagement in worship to ensure our form of worship meets the needs of our congregation and the parish

  • Consider alternative ways of worship and use of space and technology

  • Welcome and assist any visiting minister and others conducting worship

  • Identify to the minister anyone suitable to be recommended to participate in the Presbytery Worship leaders training

  • Identify and attend suitable training courses

  • Identify suitable resources for use in the development of worship

  • Assist the minister in the development of items in worship; participate in leading worship; lead worship in the absence of the minister; assist the Session Clerk in providing pulpit cover in the event of an emergency.

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