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Committee: Resources


Members: Resources Convener; leaders of Finance & Property teams; minister (ex officio).


Purpose: Oversee the work of the financial and property teams and report their work to Coordinating Committee and the Kirk Session.


Sub-group: Property


Members: Resources Convener; property team leader; property team members; H&S officer & others co-opted as required


Team leader:  Reporting on fabric condition and maintenance requirements to Resources Committee.  Maintenance of Fabric records.  Preparation of fabric maintenance programme including budget costs.  Efficient running of Property Committee.



Areas of responsibility (decided by team):


•  Church, Manse, Killellan and West Halls

•  Heating and lighting

•  Maintenance of electrical equipment (e.g. Kitchen appliances, , computers, projector, PA systems, printers, fire alarm, lighting etc..)

•  Grounds




  • Responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of all buildings, fixtures and fittings and for ensuring a safe and healthy environment within the buildings and within the grounds in full compliance with relevant legislation as required, e.g. Health and Safety, Disability, etc.

  • Ensuring that all work over a budget limit determined by the KS is supported by 3 quotations; any repairs exceeding a culminative spend exceeding £20,000 in one calendar year is subject Presbytery approval

  • Budgeting the work programme to stay within the discretionary annual budget and to seek KS approval for any spending above that limit 

•  Arranging and providing oversight of all maintenance and development work. Advising Treasurer when work is complete to the Committee’s satisfaction and authorising that invoices may be paid.

•  Maintaining the Property Register, Manse Schedule, Health & Safety procedures. And liaising with Presbytery for the attestation of records.

•  Ensuring compliance with fire safety requirements including fire extinguishers, fire alarm, evacuation drill, etc.

Maintenance of adequate First Aid equipment and supplies

•  Development of a programme of maintenance and renewal of church fabric including a timeline for actions and budget estimations;

•  Control and Scheduling of heating within church and halls to ensure comfort at minimum cost and environmental impact.

•  Control of keys for entry to buildings and areas of buildings

•  Halls officer - arranging letting of buildings, liaising with Finance on  terms of any rental agreements and to liaise with property users, ensuring this is reported to the Kirk Session

•  Ensuring the fabric meets the needs of outside organisations;

•  Overseeing special building and fabric projects as requested by the Trustees;

  • Organise Church and Halls cleaning  



Sub Group: Finance


Members: Resource Convener; finance team leader; treasurer; Gift Aid Convener; Stewardship Champion; finance team members; minister (ex officio); others co-opted as required.


Team Leader:  Reporting of income and expenditure to Resources Committee; Preparation of Annual Accounts in OSCR format; Audit of Annual Accounts; Efficient running of Finance Committee.


Treasurer: Maintaining records of income and expenditure; Efficient payment of invoices and other expenditures, ensuring that all payments are pre-approved/properly authorized; raise invoices for property rentals and other matters as required, preparation and payment of payroll to employees and HMRC, ensure ongoing supply of plastic coin bags and bank lodgement bags for counting teams; Preparation of Annual Accounts.




  • Maintaining and controlling HKK’s finances. Exercising oversight of the church’s finances

  • Recording and reporting income, expenditure, and maintaining budgets and forecasts.

  • Assist other teams in the development of their budgets and financing new projects

  • Reporting financial information to Coordinating Committee and kirk session  

  • Oversight of the work of the Treasurer, providing support when needed

  • Ensuring the preparation of the accounts for the Annual Report in good time

  • Nominating someone to serve as Treasurer should this post fall vacant

  • Ensuring that insurance cover is adequate for all buildings; Maintenance of church insurances - buildings, contents, employee, third-party liability, etc.

  • Ensuring the efficient counting and timely banking of all offerings and collections, liaise with Sunday team leader to ensure that 2 members of the duty team are available to assist the duty finance team member with the count

  • Organising Free Will Offering Envelopes and FWO recording

  • Organising Gift Aid, Gift Aid recording, promotion of Gift Aid and reclaiming of Tax Assisting all groups in developing their budget, monitoring expenditure and income on behalf of the trustees

  • Playing a key role in developing the financial stewardship of church members: promoting Christian giving, and explaining Christian spending within HKK and the wider church

  • Actively promoting awareness of the financial situation of HKK, good or bad both positive and negative elements , through the church magazine, and other appropriate means of communication

  • Reviewing and setting rates for rental of halls and Church use

  • Taking advantage of advice available from national advisers on stewardship when necessary, and participate in the finance year of the Stewardship cycle

  • Seeking ways to fund special projects from internal and / or external sources funding for major projects.

  • Ensuring all licenses are up to date

  • Compliance with GDPR and all other relevant legislation and Presbytery requirements

  • Ensure all church organisations/groups are subject to an annual independent inspection of their books and records and where appropriate that returns to national bodies or OSCR are complete and up to date.

  • Negotiate contracts as required for supply of utilities and other items as required

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