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Solar Lamps Update

Let there be light!


After the Big Sing at Christmas, the continental breakfast in February and a contribution from our friends in Fife, we have now got enough money to buy a solar lamp for each child in the two most senior classes in the High School in Mwandi.


Keith, our Missionary Partner, is working out the best way of dealing with this in collaboration with the teaching staff at the school. So soon, we will have supplied solar powered calculators and solar powered light to help the students achieve their potential.


Keith and Ida are coming home on furlough over the summer – a well deserved rest. Although they will have a hectic timetable as far as I can see, so “rest” may not be the correct word! We are trying to arrange for them to visit us in June and we will have more details for next month’s Record.


Keith and Ida report that the rains have been good this year, so they are hopeful of a good crop unlike last year when there was a drought. However there is a downside to everything. The rain was so heavy recently that 23 houses in Mwandi village collapsed. No one was hurt but a big disaster for the local population.


On a brighter note, the 2 crates that Ronnie Sinclair in Elie has sent, have been delivered safely and the medical supplies are already in use. And Obed, the dental student that some of us are supporting is getting on well.


The post seems to have been a bit unreliable recently. Ida says that she has only just received a layette parcel from 2015 and the rest from last year arrived all at once! However they have now all been unpacked and being put to good use with none gone astray. Perhaps the move to Lusaka from Mwandi mixed things up – let’s hope all goes smoothly from now on. It has certainly worked up till now.


If you would like to read the Waddell’s most recent Partner Plan letters (around Christmas) which gives us news of them, their family and what is happening in Zambia, then click on the first photo below.

Some of the goodies at the continental breakfast.

If you missed it this year, come along next February!

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