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Easter Code 2019

Our thanks to Bob Ross for the report and photos.

The objective is to teach primary school children the journey to Easter & the event in our West Halls on Monday 25th March was attended by about 90 P6 pupils from Houston PS - divided into two groups between morning & afternoon.


Each group was split into 6 teams. It was led by Dougie Adam of West Renfrewshire Youth Trust & SU Scotland, who opened with a fun chocolate egg quiz, with pupils challenged to find the key to unlock the next part of "The Easter Code", followed by a Ten Minute Gospel on Jesus' life from his baptism to Palm Sunday.


The pupils then engaged in the Journey to Easter, by spending just over an hour going round 6 "stations":

1. The Last Supper - Sharing

2. Foot Washing  - Serving

3. Prayer & Arrest (Garden of Gethsemane) - Struggling 

4. The Crowds in Jerusalem Streets - Seeking

5. The Crucifixion at Golgotha - Sacrifice 

6. Craftwork 

The presenters at the "stations" were Rev. Ken Gray, Allison Livingston (Freeland), Wendy Workman, Dougie Adam, Rev. Hanneke Marshall & a number of "crafty" ladies from H & K. They were supported by a number of "shepherds" from the Kirk, who helped guide the pupils around the "stations".


Dougie followed the trip round the "stations" by seeking feedback from the pupils on their journey, placing the events in the correct order, reiterating the keywords, before visiting the Tomb on the Emmaus Road. Pupils were finally invited to anonymously reflect their own responses to the Easter Story by writing on Response Crosses.


On departure, after two & a half hours, the pupils were each able to swap their felt pen for a small Easter egg & return to school, hopefully understanding a little more about the Easter Story.

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